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Back To The World

Exciting family board game
Board game, ‘back to the world’ is about four players, released from prison on probation after 25 years. They are to go back into the world of mischief, immorality, and envy to accomplish their long enduring goal. Despite the challenges the out-comers look to combat along the way, they are determined as ever to arrived at the top. But only one among them can make it to victory.

There are 6 Essential of life on the board: Good health, accommodation, Family/Friends, Education/Employment, Finance, and Society Attitude. These are the properties the players need to achieve on the board in order to ascertain the victory they aspired for. They will compete inform of hustling to accumulate points. But as easy as it seemed, the eyes in their respective ‘hustle box’are the hypocrites, the envious, committed to stopping their dreams from coming true. Therefore, the struggle is between the players and the enemies. On the other hand, a battle between the players as they challenge each other to exchange one another seeds for their own good.

It is competitive, challenging, interactive and somewhat real life experiences!
Out there on the street of life, no matter how tough is the struggle on the platform of time, the journey is to defeat the hypocrites, and to avoid going back to prison at the end of the day!

Players: 2-4
Age: 6+
Duration: 45-50 minutes (two set play)

• The board
• 60 Essential of life cards.
• 156 Seeds
• 4 human sculpture
• 4 Hustle box and cover
• 1 Thick non-transparent bag for 156 seeds
• 1 Multilingual rule book (Dutch, English, Spanish,, French, German)
• 1 Dice
• Game box

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Alejandro PerezAlejandro Perez
16:30 13 May 24
Great service.
Pauline SpeelPauline Speel
12:54 07 May 24
Very good service
11:25 07 May 24
I cant wait for the board game to be out 🤩🤩